What's Happening Now

Upstream Herring Migration Season Continues through June 15

A minimum of four feet of open passage is required to allow for herring migration.

Photo: Matt Eddy, MMOC

Although rarely observed in the Muddy River in recent years, blueback herring once migrated from the Charles River up to Leverett Pond to breed. According to state fishery experts, upstream migration season lasts from April 1 through June 15 each year. The downstream migration season runs from September 15 through November 1. During these periods, the Army Corps and Charter Engineering reposition and re-anchor their floating turbidity curtains to ensure safe passage of fish around active work areas. A minimum of four horizontal feet of clear passage is required. 

If you observe any areas along the river where man-made or natural obstacles have reduced the available width of passage for migrating fish, please notify the MMOC.

If you are lucky enough to see a herring in the Muddy, please leave it alone. Although herring are not considered endangered, the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries prohibits the harvest, possession, or sale of river herring in the Commonwealth.

Most fish observed in the Muddy River are not herring. Instead, the most commonly noticed species is carp.