mmocThe public has been involved in the Muddy River Restoration Project (the “Project”) since the start of the MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act) review of the Project. At that time, the Secretary of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs created a Citizens Advisory Committee to advise the Secretary during the MEPA review.

The Secretary created an independent public oversight committee to ensure public participation in the Project, protect the public investment, and provide independent oversight of the maintenance and management of the park system by the Proponents, the City of Boston and the Town of Brookline, after the completion of the Project. This oversight later became the Maintenance and Management Oversight Committee (MMOC).

Many of the voting members of the MMOC also served on the Emerald Necklace Citizens Advisory Committee and have long been committed to the restoration of the Emerald Necklace and the Muddy River. Other members of the MMOC come from various environmental organizations as well as representatives from the myriad of institutions in the area. The Proponents, EOEA, DCR and other relevant public agencies also serve on the MMOC as ex-officio members. (See policies and procedures – link)

As part of the Certificates creating the MMOC, the Proponents, are required to give an Annual Update on the current status of the Project. The MMOC is expected to give meaningful input and comments on the Annual Update. The first Annual Update was released in June, 2006.

The MMOC is funded by Boston, Brookline, and the Department of Conservation and Recreation, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.