What's Happening Now

Spring Landscape Installation Throughout the Project Area

Recently installed shrubs at the pedestrian bridge at Forsyth Way.

Photo: Matt Eddy, MMOC

The return of consistently warm weather marks the beginning of the Muddy River Restoration Project’s planting season. Landscaping plans vary by work area, but in general, they follow a typical chronological pattern. First, the site is prepared. Embankments and upland areas are graded, boulders and habitat logs are placed, and soil is spread to an appropriate depth. Carefully selected wetland species are then planted at the shoreline or along the wetland shelf. Trees and shrubs are planted along the embankments. Finally, turf is established via a hydro-seeding method. 

You may notice different types of fencing along the newly landscaped areas. Eight-foot construction fences protect vegetation from foot traffic and vandalism. Lower fences closer to the water’s edge serve as a barrier to terrestrial herbivores like geese and rabbits. And fences placed in the water prevent damage to wetland plants from carp and other aquatic herbivores.  All three types of fencing will be removed once the plants are fully established. Plants are guaranteed by the contractor for a minimum of two years following planting.

If you observe any landscaping work in action, send us a photo!