What's Happening Now

Pedestrian and Bicycle Traffic Diverted Along Riverway near Back Bay Yards

Construction fencing has been installed near Back Bay Yards. Public access will be maintained throughout the duration of the Project.

Photo: Matt Eddy, MMOC

As the US Army Corps of Engineers and its contractor, Charter Engineering, prepare to dredge the twelfth and final work area of the Muddy River Restoration Project, pedestrian and bicycle paths along the north end of Riverway Park will be temporarily closed to the public.  Construction fencing has already been erected on both sides of the river, but public access on the west side (nearest the MBTA tracks) will be maintained until the work begins. A temporary path—accessible to pedestrians, bicyclists, and persons in wheelchairs—will be installed outside of the construction fence to allow members of the public to continue to travel from Park Drive to the Riverway. A wayfinding map is available at this link.

The MMOC asks the public to keep in mind that this is a shared-use path. Please walk your bicycles through this area to prevent injury to pedestrians.

The path along the east side of the river (adjacent to the Riverway) is also closed between Park Drive and the Chapel Street bridge. Fenced-in areas serve as staging areas for trucks and other heavy equipment moving from the sites of active excavation to the roadways. 

Construction fencing will remain in place for at least the remainder of 2022 to protect young trees and shrubs in newly landscaped areas.