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US Army Corps Report – Phase 1 Construction Activities Next 90 Days – October 2014

US Army Corps Report – Muddy River Flood Risk Management & Environmental Restoration Project Phase 1 Construction Activities Next 90 Days

General: The Muddy River Flood Risk Management & Environmental Restoration Phase 1 Construction Project is located in the footprint generally between the Riverway downstream to Avenue Louis Pasteur. The major project components involve the installation of a 10-foot by 24-foot box culvert under the Riverway roadway, the installation of 10-foot by 24-foot box culvert under the Brookline Avenue roadway, daylighting of the area between the Riverway and Brookline Avenue, and daylighting of the area between Brookline Avenue and Avenue Louis Pasteur. Daylighting is the removal of existing twin 72″ culverts and excavation of the area to return the waterway to a natural state. This Notice is intended to identify the general construction activities that will be performed in the next 90 days. A figure that shows the existing conditions and the proposed improvements is at the end of this report.

October 2014 through December 2014 Period:

  • In order to begin the work at Riverway before the work is complete at Brookline Avenue, a traffic shift was performed on September 20, 2014. This traffic shift maintained the current traffic pattern around the former Sears Parking Lot at Park Drive, between the Landmark Center and the Riverway Connector, but shifted the four lanes further into the former Sears Parking Lot. In addition, the Riverway traffic outbound shifted into the Riverway Island, at the existing Riverway Intake Structure location. The current traffic pattern can be seen in the figure shown below.
  • Since the traffic shift on September 20th, the contractor has begun mobilizing his equipment to and laying out the alignment for the precast concrete culvert at the Riverway work area. Installation of steel sheeting for support of excavation is expected to take place for the next few weeks with excavation activities starting late to end of October. A change to the foundation support was approved at the Riverway and steel pipe piles will be installed in lieu of drilled shafts. Installation of pipe piles for the Riverway culvert will begin early to mid November and will continue into December.
  • Since the final section of the precast concrete culvert was installed at Brookline Avenue in early September, backfilling operations and forming and placing concrete for both wingwalls have been ongoing, and will be complete by mid October.
  • For the storm drains diversion at Brookline Ave, the temporary steel sheeting junction box and the 84” diversion pipe across the Jug Handle road to the Muddy River is operational and will be backfilled with a manhole access until the permanent junction box is activated next year. The top and bottom sections of the permanent precast junction box were installed; and the junction box is connected to the two new 54” diameter pipes which empty into the new Brookline Avenue culvert. In the next two weeks, flap valves will be installed on the inside of the junction box at the connection with the two existing storm drains; and backfill activities will take place, which will generally complete the Brookline Avenue culvert operations by mid-October. At which point, a permanent gas line will be relocated back into this area by others.
  • At the end of this notice we have included some pictures that show the new 54” pipes that empty into new culvert, the new precast concrete junction box, and the new Riverway work area. We thought folks would be interested in seeing the work occurring behind the fence.
  • If you have any questions, require additional information or would like to be added to the Project Contact List, please email the project mailbox at MuddyRiver@usace.army.mil

Traffic Patterns and Project Photos

Project Phase 1

(U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos)

Muddy River rises March 14, 2010

(U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos)