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The US Army Corps of Engineers Issues the Latest 90-Day Look-ahead

The Spring 2023 progress report is full of good news. According to Jennifer Flanagan, Project Manager for the Corps of Engineers, New England District, “Over the last several months, we have completed all of the dredging except for a minor amount in Work Area #6. We have also removed all the additional phragmites at Work Areas #11 and #12. With the completion of the dredging, the bins at the central processing area have been removed. We are demobilizing materials and equipment from around the Duck House ahead of prepping that area for plantings. We expect to start planting Work Areas #11 and #12 by Mother’s Rest, then the Boston Fire Department, and eventually by the Duck House over the next few weeks.

Over by Work Area #6, the phragmites have been removed from both banks of the River. And the temporary Flow Restriction Control Structure (FRCS) that was installed under Phase 1 construction to mimic the effects of the former 72” culverts has been cut to pass flow through the dredged channel.  The site preparation will begin next week so that plantings can be installed during this Spring planting window.

We look forward to completing with the active construction over the next several months. And we will transition to the two-year guarantee period for the last of the plants installed later this year.”

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