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Focus on Landscape Restoration: The Latest Army Corps Update

The Muddy River Restoration Project Look-ahead for June features news of plantings and ongoing landscape restoration throughout the Project areas.

According to US Army Corps Project Manager Jennifer Flanagan, “The majority of the plantings have been installed in the last of the Work Areas — #6, #11, and #12 — and we are finishing planting the last few plants that were delayed due to sourcing issues.  We are performing some plant replacements in previously planted areas this week as well. 

Hydroseeding of various areas across the Project site will take place this week.

As we transition from plant installation to plant maintenance, we will also continue with the activities of demobilizing the last of the equipment and materials from the project site and restoring the hardscapes, such as sidewalk and curb replacements, paving, and stonedust and paved pathway repairs. We expect the major construction to be complete in the next couple of months. 

Turnover back to the Sponsors of completed Work Areas that have had the two-year guarantee period will take place starting in October.”

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The top photo shows the section of the Muddy River by Back Bay Yard (Work Area #6). Trees, shrubs, and ferns have been planted on the left bank and the landscaper has installed mulch.

Restoration in Work Area #12 (near the Boylston Street Bridge) includes newly paved pedestrian paths, loam and seed, and new shrubs and trees.

Photos courtesy of the Army Corps, New England