What's Happening Now

The Carlton Street Footbridge Reopens!

By Matt Eddy, MMOC Administrator

Congratulations to the Town of Brookline for an uplifting ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Carlton Street Footbridge on Sunday, September 17.  Restoration of the Carlton Street Footbridge has been a key goal of the Muddy River Restoration Project. Its opening represents the culmination of decades of hard work by public agencies, non-profits, and committed citizens. 

A new era of access to the Riverway has begun! Thanks especially to the day’s speakers, including Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, Brookline DPW Commissioner Erin Chute, Massachusetts State Representative Tommy Vitolo, Brookline Construction Project Coordinator Bill Smith, Frederick Law Olmsted NHS Superintendent Jay Newman, Brookline Greenspace Alliance co-founder Hugh Mattison, and Brookline Town Meeting member Cathleen Cavell. 

If you haven’t been to see the bridge and walk over it, come on down to the Riverway!

Photos: Matt Eddy, Freddie Veikley