What's Happening Now

Phase 2: Summer Construction Preview

With Phase 2 of the Muddy River Restoration Project set to begin in early July, the MMOC recently hosted a virtual pre-construction tour. The presenters provided information about what the public can expect to see on the ground—and in the water—this summer and beyond.

The Presentations

Jennifer Flanagan, Project Manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers, New England PDF Download

Kyle Merkosky, Project Manager for Charter Contracting Company LLC PDF Download

Tom Brady, Conservation Agent and Tree Warden for the Town of Brookline (presentation begins at 48:00 below)

The recording of the meeting https://www.facebook.com/ourmuddyriver/videos/1173622373011057/

Photos: Erin Gallantine, US Army Corps of Engineers, Ryan Hatcher, Oleg Schapov

About the Project

The Muddy River Flood Risk Management Project has been undertaken by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (N.E. District), with the support of the local non-federal sponsors, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, City of Boston, and Town of Brookline. It has been financed with federal, state and local funds. Planning, design, permitting, project coordination, and funding have taken place through various public forums over the last 20 years.

Phase 1 of the project was completed in 2016, restoring a key section of the Muddy River at the Landmark Center as an open-air watercourse with new culverts and bridges created at the Riverway and Brookline Avenue. Phase 2 will include dredging of the island and sand bar at Leverett Pond in Olmsted Park in Brookline, and dredging and other improvements at various locations downstream along the Muddy River in the Riverway and Back Bay Fens.