Recent Work (5/9 – 5/16)

TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Tuesday 5/13 thru Thursday 5/16 – 8:00 PM to 4:30 AM

↓ Traffic Advisory (PDF)

↓ Test Pit Locations (PDF)

Exploratory test pits will be dug on Brookline Ave between Riverway and Park Drive in order to locate a 12″ & 48″ water main which are to be relocated at a future date and to locate 51″ & 45″ drainage pipes which will be rerouted into the new future culvert. This work will be performed at night from 8:00 pm to 4:30 am. Brookline Ave will have single and double lane closures. There will be periods where Brookline will be shut down with traffic going inbound will be detoured to the Jug Handle and traffic outbound will be detoured around the Sears Rotary.


Sheet piling – Support of Excavation

The contractor will now resume the installation of the support of excavation (sheet piling).  That should be starting today (5/9) or tomorrow (5/10) in the Brookline Ave area of the Sears rotary.  It should be completed by the end of the week.  The contractor is doing seismic monitoring in connection with this work.


Once the sheet piling is installed the contractor will begin excavation of the initial stage of the Brookline Ave culvert area, which is anticipated to start about May 13 and continue for several weeks.

Removal of Spoils relating to Project

Excavated materials that are currently being stored at Upper Fens Pond will start to be removed shortly, after coordination with DCR and Boston Parks and Recreation.

Project Banners

Project banners showing schematic representations of the existing condition and phase 1 work are being installed along the construction fence near the Louis Pasteur sidewalk, the Jug Handle sidewalk, the Brookline Ave sidewalk and the Riverway sidewalk.


Project Phase 1

(U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos)