What's Happening Now

New Tree Plantings are Coming to The Muddy River

By Matt Eddy, MMOC Staff

Exciting news!  Boston Parks and Recreation Department (BPRD) is scheduled to plant eight new trees in the Restoration Project’s Phase 1 area between Avenue Louis Pasteur and Brookline Ave this spring. We thank Boston Parks Project Manager Tom Timmons and City Arborist Max Ford-Diamond for their resourcefulness and professionalism in bringing about this work. 

The MMOC’s Landscape Maintenance Subcommittee worked to provide the Parks Department with recommendations as to species selection, planting sites, and strategies for protecting the young trees.  Species choices were drawn from Frederick Law Olmsted’s original tree list and include basswood, sweetgum, tupelo, red maple, pin oak, swamp white oak, and scarlet oak.  We look forward to seeing the trees in the ground later this spring! 

Two areas that will not receive new trees are the sections immediately adjacent to Brookline Avenue on the upstream and downstream sides. These areas are heavily impacted by pedestrian traffic. There isn’t full clarity about the long-term plan for the width of the sidewalks in these spots in light of MassDOT’s planned street renovation project in this area. 

The MMOC continues to work with BPRD to develop their planting designs for these areas.

Photo: Matt Eddy