What's Happening Now

May 24 – Project Update

[box type=”note”]IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some people have been “cutting through” the construction site when the gates are open. That is an extremely dangerous thing to do. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER the active construction site.[/box]

Listed below is work completed, a three week look ahead and other information.

  • The support of excavation (SOE) was completed (placed and braced) and excavation of the wingwall foot print was started and completed for the upstream wingwall for the Brookline Avenue culvert.  (see photos above).
  • The statnamic testing was completed very successfully. 
  • Test pits were dug in Brookline Avenue to locate the storm drains, the 48 water line and the 12 inch water line. This was the work that needed to be accomplished at night.
  • The test pits have been completed, the areas backfilled and repaved.
  •  The contractor has started his material characterization program. Material testing has been done for the material currently on site. Once it is characterized it will be moved off-site to the appropriate site.
  • The underground utilities at the Landmark Center have been installed.
  •  A reconnaissance will be conducted today (5/24) or Tuesday (5/28) to locate the end of the 72″ culverts that empty into Upper Fens Pond. These culverts although not totally blocked appear to be partially buried in the river bottom. This will allow us to determine the appropriate method to proceed to investigate and repair the 72″ culvert. Repairs will be started next week, or the following week.
  •  Currently installing the traffic conduits and traffic post foundations at Landmark Center. That work will continue through next week.
  •  Next week installation of Landmark mast foundations will begin.
  •  Today (5/24) extending the fence line and installing an extended pedestrian walkway at Landmark center was completed.
  •  Next week the existing sidewalk at Landmark Center will be removed.
  •  The worn pathway at the Riverway island will be loamed and seeded next week.
  •  The post foundations for the Landmark Center island will be installed the week of 3 June.
  •  The contractor will resume civil work for the Landmark Center (curb set, etc.) the week of 3 June.
  •  All traffic mast locations will be prepped for drilling the week of 3 June.

Other Miscellaneous Items:

Currently we are anticipating that we will be ready to start the one way traffic on Brookline Avenue between Park Drive and Fenway the second week of July.