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Major Project Thresholds Reached: The Latest Army Corps Update

The Muddy River Restoration Project Look-ahead for September highlights the Project’s early fall activities. The US Army Corps is demobilizing equipment and materials, shrinking its footprint as it moves total complete restoration.

According to US Army Corps Project Manager Jennifer Flanagan, “We removed the Corps’ construction trailer from the site and we expect to remove the contractor’s trailer in the next week or so. We have started the sidewalk replacement on Agassiz Road.  We expect to repave Agassiz Road by mid-October.”

Maintenance of the area-wide plantings will continue during the two-year guarantee period. The Army Corps will assess and confirm the conditions of the planted areas in Work Areas #3 and #4, and #7-#9 for final acceptance in the next weeks. 

Read the full September report.

Near the Boston Fire Department (The Fenway and Agassiz Road), the stonedust pathways have been replaced along the newly constructed flood wall. Posts are in place for for landscape protection fencing.

Top photo: In the section of the River immediately downstream of Work Area #9 (ending at Agassiz Road), construction trailers are demobilized prior to final restoration.

Photos: US Army Corps