What's Happening Now

Landscape Update: New Tree Plantings

By Matt Eddy, MMOC Administrator

Thanks are due to Boston Parks and Recreation Department (through its contract with Mayer Tree) for installing nine new trees in the Phase 1 area of the Restoration Project — five in Justine Mee Liff Park, two along the Fenway, and two along Park Drive. Boston Parks worked collaboratively with the MMOC’s Landscape Maintenance Subcommittee to select the species, which include basswood, pin oak, red maple, swamp white oak (2), sweetgum, tupelo (2), and white oak. These species are drawn from Olmsted’s historic tree palette and are well suited to the challenging growing conditions along that very busy stretch of park.  

Some Project trees had died in this area over the past few years, likely due to drought and soil compaction. To maximize the likelihood of survival of the new trees, they have been mulched and fenced. Water bags are expected to be installed soon. 

Thanks in advance to the Emerald Necklace Conservancy for their commitment to water these trees over the coming summer.

Photos: Matt Eddy