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Kudos to Kelly Brilliant for Your Leadership!

Members and colleagues of the MMOC expressed their gratitude to outgoing Chair Kelly Brilliant at the April 17th meeting. They marked the event with statements of appreciation for her two stellar years in the role.

Thank you, Kelly!

“Personally, and on behalf of the Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs, a big thank you for your long-time work on the Committee to steward the Muddy River and for stepping up and providing really critical and effective leadership at a time when the MMOC truly needed it.” Kurt Gaertner 

“Thank you for making a difference.” Sean Lynn-Jones 

“Thank you so much for your hard work and leadership during this 2-year period of transition. Fran Gershwin’s shoes are difficult to fill, but you have done a remarkable job. Huge thanks from all of us. We look forward to working with you in the future. Best to you.” Parker James  

“Kelly, thank you for your dedication, public service, patience, and amazing resilience during your time as MMOC chair. Your leadership style and perspective will be missed.”  Best, Alexandra Vecchio, Brookline Parks and Open Space Director 

“Thank you for your commitment to the MMOC and your work to guide it through rewarding times. You had big shoes to fill, and you did it admirably, helping carry the committee through the end of the project and into a new phase in its life. Thank you for all the time, and we look forward to continuing this work!” Karen Mauney-Brodek, Jack Schleifer, and everyone at ENC

“Kelly, you can assimilate disparate concepts and convey them clearly and logically to get to the essence of a problem. The relationship you have with public officials has proven very valuable, and I’m grateful you will still contribute her expertise on various subcommittees.”  Freddie Veikley

“I am incredibly grateful for your leadership, dedication, and invaluable support for the Muddy River Restoration Project.  You believed in and helped advance this legacy project for decades and then bravely stepped in to Chair the MMOC during a difficult time.  You made sure that the proponents, USACE, and community moved together in a positive way to bring the project to successful completion.  On behalf of Brookline I would like to extend my gratitude and admiration for your work, commitment, and capabilities.  We have been so lucky to benefit from your leadership!” Erin Chute, Brookline Commissioner of Public Works 

“I am in awe and gratitude for your generosity of spirit to step into the MMOC’s multi- tasking leadership position at our loss of Fran. It has been an extraordinary feat on your part and a pleasure to work with you.” With respect and friendship, Arleyn Levee

“Kudos, Kelly! Your spirited influence and decisiveness guided us through a complicated time — we will always be indebted to you and your kindhearted, stalwart, intrepid leadership. Which, by the way, we will miss.” Kay Mathew

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for the MMOC over the past few years. You’ve stepped up where needed during an important part of this project, and have brought the Muddy community together. Thank you!”  Lisa Kumpf

“Kelly, we deeply appreciate your dedication and commitment to enduring that the Muddy River continues to be a treasure for the people of Boston and Brookline!” Marilyn Smith

“Thank you, Kelly for stepping up to take on the Chair position when we needed that. I truly appreciated the way you kept us on track and the tone you set for everything from monthly meetings to weighty letters, to discussions with stakeholders.  You spoke eloquently at the MMOC annual meeting and the highly anticipated Muddy River Ribbon Cutting. We are lucky to have you. Thank you for your service as Chair, and for your willingness to continue to serve on the committee!” Jan Henderson

“Kelly, thank you for stepping up to help lead the MMOC. Your integrity and empathy made you the perfect person to lead the charge! I was happy to partner with you in making the Muddy River a more welcoming and better functioning place for the people of Boston and Brookline. All the best!” Ryan Woods

“I’m so glad you were able to take over when we lost Fran! Your calm, steady leadership has helped keep us all focused on our various efforts to maintain and improve both land and water, and rise to the challenge of unanticipated crises. Thanks, thanks, thanks.” Elton Elperin

“Kelly, thank you for being a great collaborator in the group effort to improve all things Muddy River. It’s been a pleasure working with you!” Tom Timmons 

Kelly, THANK YOU for your steady helmsmanship and good humor in serving as Chair these past two years. It’s been an adventure, and I appreciate how well you’ve always kept the long view in focus.” Matt Eddy