July 18, 2013 – Project Update

A lot of work has progressed particularly at the Landmark Center.

Below is an account of work completed and scheduled to be performed in the next three weeks:

  • All of the Park Drive sidewalks in front of the Landmark Center have been installed.
  • A new traffic mast arm with signals has been installed and activated near the new Landmark Center driveway. It controls traffic heading down Park Drive.
  • The new Landmark Driveway has been completed and traffic diverted to the new driveway. The old driveway has been removed. A temporary set of signals controls traffic out of the Landmark Center.
  • We scheduled a meeting for Tuesday with Landmark Center for a “walk through” to see if there are any punch list items.
  • The traffic conduit has been installed in the roadway across the Riverway for the traffic signal conduit. The new mast arm and traffic signals for the end of the Riverway have been installed but the signals haven’t been activated yet. This is being coordinating with DCR on some line of sight issues caused by tree limbs on the Riverway.
  • Work was temporarily stopped on the caisson installation for Stage 1A1. Installation of the remaining 12 caissons for this stage will resume Tuesday of next week (7/23). A new work platform has been constructed for this effort.
  • Soil from the Landmark Center has been removed from the site and sent to a disposal facility.
  • Construction of the sidewalk for 1A1 around the Sears Parking Lot has begun.
  • Installation of traffic conduits at Riverway and Brookline Avenue is on going.
  • The contractor has laid out the Handicap ramps and construction of the ramps will begin next week.
  • The mast arm at Boylston/Brookline Ave. intersection will be done this week.
  • The traffic contractor will be installing power conduits to the traffic controller boxes next week.
  • The traffic islands at the west end of SPL will be removed the week of 5 August and these areas will be paved.
  • Based on the expected rate of shaft installation it appears that the traffic change on Brookline Avenue will be delayed until the 3rd week of August.