What's Happening Now

High Fences Down, Low Fences Up: Some Pedestrian Paths Returned to Public Use

Dredging and landscaping were completed last fall in many of the work areas along the Muddy River. The tall, 8-foot construction fencing is being removed and replaced by 4-foot black vinyl fences. These shorter fences will protect the newly installed vegetation foot traffic. Their lower height also allows for better views of the river and its banks.

The new fencing is opening up public access to stone-dust paths that were closed during the active construction phase. You can observe this fence transition most clearly on both sides of the Netherlands Road Bridge at the Riverway. Lower fencing is also being installed along the Brookline side of Leverett Pond in Olmsted Park.

The lower fences are expected to be removed in 2024.

Photo: A recently reopened pedestrian path near Netherlands Road Bridge.
Matt Eddy, MMOC