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Equipment Demobilization and Shrinking Construction Footprint: The Latest Army Corps Update

The Muddy River Restoration Project Look-ahead for August includes news of the Restoration Project’s late summer activities. With an end of construction on the horizon, attention has turned to sidewalk and curb demolition and replacement on Agassiz Road, as well as restoration of the stonedust pathways by the Boston Fire Department. Construction trailers will be demobilized in Work Area #10 so the pathways can be restored and the area seeded.

According to US Army Corps Project Manager Jennifer Flanagan, “The contractor has begun installing the last of the landscape protection fences in Work Areas #11 and #12 and will move to Work Area #6 afterward.”

On behalf of the Army Corps, Jennifer adds, “We thank you for your continued interest and support of this project!”

Review the full August report.

In Work Area #13 (the Boston Fire Department Building in the vicinity of The Fenway and Agassiz Road), tree root protection and timber mats have been removed ahead of excavation, grading, and installation of new stonedust path.

Top photo: In the section of the Muddy River by Back Bay yards, banks have been restored, planted and hydroseeded.

Photos: US Army Corps of Engineers, New England District