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Construction Fences: When Will They Come Down?

By Matt Eddy, MMOC Staff

Temporary fencing has been installed throughout the 3.5 miles of the Muddy River Restoration Project. New trees, shrubs, and stone-dust pathways are warrantied by the contractor for two years following their installation, so the protective fences will stay in place at least until that warranty period is over.  At that point, the landowner (either Brookline Parks and Open Space or Boston Parks and Recreation Department) will conduct a final inspection of the landscaping elements. If deemed acceptable, the approved Work Areas are handed over to the municipality for long-term management. That’s when the fences will be removed.

In some places, high construction fences are replaced by lower landscape protection fences. These allow the public to access pathways while still protecting trees and shrubs during their key establishment period.

Final inspections for areas along the upper Riverway Park (Work Areas 3 and 4) and the upper Back Bay Fens from Avenue Louis Pasteur to the Museum of Fine Arts (Work Areas 7, 8, and 9) are scheduled for final inspection in October 2023.  Additional areas are scheduled for October 2024 and October 2025, depending on when the landscaping was (or is anticipated to be) completed.  

Fence removal will follow this landscape hand-off schedule.

Photo: During the summer of 2022, low landscape protection fencing replaced high construction fencing along a section of the Riverway. This allowing the public to access the restored pathways.

Photo credit: Matt Eddy