US Army Corps Report – Construction Activities Next 90 Days – April 2013

Construction April 2013
April 20, 2013

Muddy River Flood Risk Management & Environmental Restoration Project
Phase 1 Construction Activities Next 90 Days
April 2013

General: The Muddy River Flood Risk Management & Environmental Restoration Phase 1 Construction Project is located in the footprint generally between the Riverway downstream to Avenue Louis Pasteur. The major project components involve the installation of a 10‐foot by 24‐foot box culvert under the Riverway roadway, the installation of 10‐foot by 24‐foot box culvert under the Brookline Avenue roadway, daylighting of the area between the Riverway and Brookline Avenue, and daylighting of the area between Brookline Avenue and Avenue Louis Pasteur. Daylighting is the removal of existing twin 72″ culverts and excavation of the area to return the waterway to a natural state. This Notice is intended to identify the general construction activities that will be performed in the next 90 days. A figure that shows the existing conditions and the proposed improvements is at the end of this report.

[box]IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some people have been “cutting through” the construction site when the gates are open. That is an extremely dangerous thing to do. DO NOT ENTER the active construction site.[/box]

April 2013 through June 2013 Period:

April 2013 Construction
April 20, 2013

The construction areas have been enclosed with fence and barrier to prevent access to active work areas by the public. We have cut some holes in the Sears Rotary screening on the Brookline Avenue sidewalk so that “Sidewalk Superintendents” can view the construction site.

  • Work has begun on traffic management changes, primarily the reconstruction of theLandmark Center driveway, needed for the installation of the culvert under Brookline Avenue. Once fully implemented, traffic on Brookline Avenue between Fenway and Park Drive will be one way only headed inbound. This traffic change is expected to be implemented in mid‐July. Traffic coming down Brookline Avenue or Boylston Street outbound that want to continue down Brookline Avenue to the medical center will need to travel around the rotary between Brookline Avenue, the Riverway and along Fenway. New traffic signals will be installed to ease the congestion that occurs when traffic traveling down Park Drive from Boston tries to merge with traffic exiting the Riverway from Brookline. A figure showing the new traffic pattern for this period is shown on at the end of this notice.
April 2013 Construction
April 20, 2013
  • Work has begun on relocating the driveway exit out of the Landmark Center onto Park Drive. This relocation is being done to allow traffic exiting to have access to the various roadways as they do now throughout the construction period and beyond. The relocation effort is expected to be completed in June 2013.
  • Once the traffic management changes have been completed, work will begin on the installation of the Brookline Avenue culvert. This work will initially be conducted in the Sears rotary area (sheet piling installation will commence mid‐April in the former Sears parking lot). As the work progresses further downstream, traffic pattern changes will need to be made to Brookline Avenue. We anticipate that work through June will not require additional traffic lane modifications although those will be needed as the culvert installation continues under Brookline Avenue. We will be sending out information regarding anticipated traffic lane modifications 2 weeks prior to the changes and 72‐hours prior to the changes. If you would like to get on an email mailing list to be notified of these changes, please write to the Project Manager at the email address listed below.
  • Starting in April we will be drilling and installing test shafts at five locations. These shafts will undergo statnamic testing starting on 29 April. Statnamic testing places forces on the concrete shaft and is conducted by igniting gas to exert that pressure. Although only lasting milliseconds, when the gas is charged it sounds like a gunshot. We will send out a notice to the public contact list as well as through the MASCO Traffic Advisory list notifying people the days that the testing will be conducted. There will be only one test per day.
  • Once statnamic testing is completed, work will begin on the installation of the concrete shafts that will support the Brookline Avenue culvert.
  • During the entire construction period, sidewalks will be maintained to allow safe passage of pedestrians. There will be some pathways, such as the diagonal path across the former Sears Parking lot that will be eliminated.

    April 20, 2013
  • Other early incidental work activities scheduled to happen during the upcoming 90 day period include soil borings and sampling, survey, and observation well installation. These activities will also require periodic roadway lane closures and pedestrian re‐direction to allow for the work. All roadway lane closures will be supported by police details to assist in traffic management.

If you any questions, require additional information or would like to be added to the Project Contact List, please email the project mailbox at



Muddy River rises March 14, 2010

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Project Phase 1

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Environmental Restoration Phase 1 – April 2013