MMOC Subcommittees

The MMOC has several subcommittees, each of which assists the MMOC in fulfilling its responsibilities, by focusing on one of the specific goals of the Muddy River Project, communications with the public or the long-term maintenance and management of the parks, waterways and parkways within the Project Area.

The subcommittee members include both MMOC members and non-MMOC members. The Chair of the MMOC is an ad hoc member of all subcommittees.

Communications Subcommittee
Kelly Brilliant
Kay Mathew
Betsy Shure Gross
Carol Lasky

Historic Resources Committee
Arleyn Levee
Elton Elperin
Patrice Kish

Landscape Maintenance Subcommittee
Arleyn Levee
Fredericka Veikley
Margaret Pokorny
Marion Pressley
Carroll Williamson

Water Quality Subcommittee
Elisabeth Cianciola – co-chair
Lisa Kumpf – co-chair
Elton Elperin
Michael Berger
Caroline Reeves