US Army Corps Report – Phase 1 Construction Activities Next 90 Days – August 2015

US Army Corps Report – Muddy River Flood Risk Management & Environmental Restoration Project Phase 1 Construction Activities Next 90 Days

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Progress since the last update has been steady and its proof of that is the installation of the Riverway precast concrete culvert sections over the last couple of days.  As someone stated to me during the installation, “precast provides instant gratification”.  I think that’s partly true.  There was a lot of hard work and ground work (both literally and figuratively) over almost the last four months to get here.  Now that the precasts are installed, we will be waterproofing; backfilling; and constructing all the site work in order to put traffic over this culvert for the upcoming traffic shift in early October.   

At the Upper Fens Pond (UFP) work area, all the sediment removal and bank restoration/stabilization has been completed.  We are awaiting plantings to take place in the Fall to continue this portion of the project.

At Avenue Louis Pasteur (ALP), the SOE was installed a couple of weeks ago.  Since that time, we have excavated the hole to remove the existing twin 72” culverts from the concrete junction box at the existing ALP culvert.  We expect to begin installing pipe piles next week.  Soon after, concrete work for the pile caps.  The extension piece of precast concrete culvert that is attaching to the junction box may arrive early October.  This extension piece will allow us to “daylight” the river in the area between Upper Fens Pond and Avenue Louis Pasteur.

Thank you for your continued interest and support for this project!

General: The Muddy River Flood Risk Management (FRM) & Environmental Restoration Phase 1 Construction Project is located in the footprint generally between the Riverway downstream to Avenue Louis Pasteur. The major project components involve the installation of a 10-foot by 24-foot box culvert under the Riverway roadway, the installation of 10-foot by 24-foot box culvert under the Brookline Avenue roadway, daylighting of the area between the Riverway and Brookline Avenue, and daylighting of the area between Brookline Avenue and Avenue Louis Pasteur. Daylighting is the removal of existing twin 72″ culverts and excavation of the area to return the waterway to a natural state. This Notice is intended to identify the general construction activities that will be performed in the next 90 days. A figure that shows the existing conditions and the proposed improvements is at the end of this report.

August 2015 through October 2015 Period:

  • In order to continue work on the project, a traffic shift will occur early October in the intersection of Park Drive and Riverway. This shift will allow the construction of the new left turn onto Park Drive North coming from Riverway. Specific details of this traffic shift will be posted as a Press Release weeks prior to the move.

  • The contractor completed the installation of the Flow Restriction Control Structure (FRCS) upstream of the existing Riverway Intake Structure at the Phase 1 Construction project limits. The FRCS is necessary to control the increased flow that may now be passed through the new precast concrete culverts at Riverway and Brookline Avenue. However, these increased flows are not able to be passed downstream of Avenue Louis Pasteur to the Charles River until the dredging is completed under Phase 2 work. As part of this recent work, the contractor installed a sheetpile cofferdam, which temporarily connects to the FRCS and bisects the river, in anticipation of the sediment removal/bank restoration activities in the upcoming months.

  • In the Riverway Culvert work area, concrete placement for the pile caps and invert slabs are completed and precast culverts were installed. Upcoming activities are tying steel; formwork; and concrete placement for the southeast wing wall; and waterproofing of the culverts. Backfilling of the culverts and site work (curbs; sidewalks; ramps; paving) to put traffic over the culverts will take place in September for the next traffic shift.

  • A continuing activity in the next couple of months, in the area around the former Sears Parking Lot (Park Drive Island, near Brookline Avenue), is the installation of conduits and foundations for the end condition roadway lighting and traffic signals and construction of end state island and walkways.

  • Since the active diversion of the river began in mid-April, the removal of the sediment in the river bottom to construct the new flood risk management channel; and the bank restoration/stabilization on both sides of the channel with stone protection in the Upper Fens Pond has been completed. Geocells have been installed on the upland part of the channel and bank construction is complete. Plantings will take place in the Fall.

  • Upstream of Avenue Louis Pasteur (ALP), the steel sheeting support of excavation (SOE) has been installed and excavation from within the SOE will be complete this week. Upcoming activities will be to sawcut and remove the section of existing twin 72” culverts from the existing concrete junction box at ALP so that we can construct the extension piece of the precast concrete culvert upstream of the existing ALP culvert. Pipe piles will be installed early September with rebar and formwork to follow for the pile caps and invert slabs. Precast culvert sections may be installed early October. Once the extension piece of precast concrete culvert is in place, then the section of existing culvert between the Upper Fens Pond and Avenue Louis Pasteur will be removed and the river “daylighted” to continue the flood risk management channel and the recreation of the historic Olmstead island. Daylighting and the construction of the historic island will take place this Winter.

  • Downstream of Avenue Louis Pasteur, the contractor has removed the sediment from the outlet of the existing culvert to construct the new Flood Risk Management channel and will soon be installing the articulated concrete blocks (ACB) for scour protection; and stone protection and geocells for bank stabilization at this downstream end of Phase 1 Construction. ACB installation will start late August and plantings will take place in the Fall.

  • At the end of this notice we have included some pictures that show the construction progress in the Riverway Intake Structure; Riverway Culvert; the Upper Fens Pond; and Avenue Louis Pasteur work areas. We thought folks would be interested in seeing the work occurring behind the fence.

  • If you have any questions, require additional information or would like to be added to the Project Contact List, please email the projectmailbox at

August Traffic Patterns and Project Photos

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