Phase 2


Work has begun on Phase 2 of the Muddy River Flood Risk Management Project. Over the next three years, you can expect to see a wide range of integrated activity, from dredging to ease the flow of Our Muddy, to bank stabilization, protection of historic structures and landscape features, control of invasive species, habitat creation for fish, turtles and amphibians, planting of wetland and riparian vegetation, trees and shrubs—and more. We invite the entire community to follow this important flood control, environmental restoration and stewardship project. 

What’s happening in your park?  Explore the wayfinding maps here!

OLMSTED PARK (Brookline) – Work Area 1

November 2020 Update – Start of dredging delayed until early 2021.

RIVERWAY PARK – Work Areas 2-6

November 12, 2020 Update.  Construction fencing has been installed in Work Area 2.  See the new Work Area 2 map below.  Dredging to begin by late November.

BACK BAY FENS – Work Areas 7-12

Dredging in Work Area 7 (at Avenue Louis Pasteur) has begun.  See open pathways on Fenway side of river and pedestrian bridges.  All pathways open on Park Drive side of river.


The pedestrian/cycling path on the upstream side of Agassiz Road will remain open at all times.  See Back Bay Fens Maps for Work Areas 10 and 11.

Tree Impacts, Protection, and Planting. Explore the maps. 

The primary goal of the Army Corps’ Muddy River Project is flood damage reduction. But, for the non-federal sponsors, Boston, Brookline, and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation – and especially the public – preservation and rehabilitation of the historic Frederick Law Olmsted landscape are equally important. With these purposes in mind, and with input from the MMOC and its member organizations, the sponsors and the Army Corps developed a careful strategy and detailed plans to minimize the impact of Phase 2 construction on healthy trees and maximize the rehabilitation of the landscape in areas affected by the dredging work. 

These considerations were described by the Town of Brookline in August 2020 and by Brookline Town Arborist Tom Brady at the MMOC’s meeting for the public on June 30, 2020.

Once the dredging has been completed, 130 trees (all from the Olmsted tree list), more than 3500 emergent wetland plants, 6500 ferns, and 9000 shrubs will be planted in areas affected by the work.

Explore the new Phase 2 tree maps and other information here!

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