Phase 2 Begins: June 2020 90-Day Look-Ahead

Muddy River Flood Damage Reduction Project Phase 2 Construction Activities Next 90 Days June 2020

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General: The Muddy River Flood Damage Reduction Phase 2 Construction Project is located in the footprint generally between Leverett Pond to Boylston Street in Boston and Brookline. The major project components involve dredging 1 to 8’ of sediment for flow conveyance in the Back Bay Fens and Riverway sections of the Muddy River. It also includes excavation of the sandbar and island at Leverett Pond. Work also includes the removal of phragmites from the wetland and riparian areas which affect flow conveyance. After removal of river sediments and phragmites, preservation and restoration of the historic park shoreline in construction areas will consist of planting emergent wetland plants and restoring riparian vegetation in upland areas by planting trees and shrubs. This Notice is intended to identify the general construction activities that will be performed in the next 90 days. A figure that shows a typical flood control channel and the proposed improvements are at the end of this report.

June 2020 through August 2020 Period:

  • Since the award of the construction contract and issuance of the Notice to Proceed in late March 2020, the contractor has been working on administrative and technical submittals for review and approval. In addition, the contractor conducted preliminary preconstruction work, such as photographic and existing condition surveys and borings to determine subsurface soil conditions.
  • In late May, the contractor began the sediment sampling and testing program in compliance with permit requirements and in support of construction mobilization in July. The sampling will continue until the end of June.
  • In mid-June, the contractor will begin Site Facility Setup near Work Area #10 in the vicinity of Agassiz Road. The scope of activities will include trailers and bathroom installation, dumpster and conex box setup, site security fencing, and project signage. Pedestrian access from Park Drive to Fenway will be maintained with the sidewalk closest to the War Memorial remaining open, but the sidewalk closest to the Victory Garden will be closed. Appropriate signage will be in place prior to sidewalk closure. Agassiz Road will remain open except for isolated road closures to allow for large facility (trailer; fencing; etc.) deliveries during the site facility setup.
  • Starting in early July and continuing into Fall 2020, the contractor will begin Construction Mobilization on-site to install fencing between Work Areas #7-#10 – from Avenue Louis Pasteur to Agassiz Road and in Work Area #1 – Leverett Pond. This is to enable and to start the site preparation activities of construction of site access roads to the river for channel excavation, installation of erosion and sedimentation control features; and preparation of staging and soil management areas. Existing concrete sidewalks will be open for Pedestrian use to maintain continued access. Agassiz Road will remain open except for occasional road closures to allow for large facility and equipment deliveries during the construction mobilization.
  • Dredging of Work Areas #1 and #7 is expected to begin in October 2020.
  • At the end of this notice, we have included a site plan which shows the proposed fence line which will be installed to separate the construction facilities (trailers; bathrooms; conex; etc.) from pedestrian traffic for the Site Facility Setup.

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