US Army Corps – Phase 1 Construction Activities Next 90 Days – October 2013 Update

General: The Muddy River Flood Risk Management & Environmental Restoration Phase 1 Construction Project is located in the footprint generally between the Riverway downstream to Avenue Louis Pasteur. The major project components involve the installation of a 10‐foot by 24‐foot box culvert under the Riverway roadway, the installation of 10‐foot by 24‐foot box culvert under the Brookline Avenue roadway, daylighting of the area between the Riverway and Brookline Avenue, and daylighting of the area between Brookline Avenue and Avenue Louis Pasteur. Daylighting is the removal of existing twin 72″ culverts and excavation of the area to return the waterway to a natural state. This Notice is intended to identify the general construction activities that will be performed in the next 90 days. A figure that shows the existing conditions and the proposed improvements is at the end of this report.

October 2013 through December 2013 Period:

  • On 28 September we installed traffic islands, temporary traffic signals, activated recently installed signals and installed a significant number of traffic signs that allowed us to turn Brookline Avenue into a one‐way street inbound between the Riverway Connector and Park Drive. This was a major undertaking that started at 7:00 am and wasn’t completed until 10:00 pm that evening. On Monday (30 Sept) and Tuesday (1 Oct) we had our traffic consultants, BTD and others observing the traffic during the rush periods so that we could make adjustments to the signal timing, traffic signage and other adjustments that would ease congestion and help the motorists and pedestrians traveling through the project site. See the figure at the end of this notice for the new traffic pattern.
  • Sheet piling will installed to support the excavation that will occur to allow the installation of drilled shafts for the next phase of the project.
  • Once sheet piling is installed we will begin the excavation within the cofferdam to get to the grade (elevation) needed to start the installation of drilled shafts.
  • Once the excavation is completed in the new stage area drilled shaft installation will occur.
  • We have already poured the upstream left wing wall foundation and the left pile cap (over the drilled shafts that were already installed). We will be pouring the upstream right wing wall foundation and the right pile cap over the existing drilled shafts.
  • Once both pile caps are placed we will begin the installation of the first culvert sections.
  • A 48 inch water line will be taken out of service and it will be relocated. A 12‐inch water line has already been taken out of service and will be reinstalled when the culvert sections in that area have been placed. These relocations are needed because the lines in their current location will not fit over the new culvert.
  • The contractor will perform soil borings for river diversion design.
  • The contractor has been moving pedestrian crosswalks/sidewalks as needed for the construction. Please if a pedestrian walkway is closed and redirects you to another sidewalk do not walk on the closed sidewalk. The sidewalk is closed not to inconvenience people, but rather for the pedestrian’s safety.

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Project Phase 1

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Muddy River rises March 14, 2010

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