Recent Project Activities

  • US Army Corps Report – Phase 1 Construction Activities Next 90 Days – February 2015

    US Army Corps Report – Phase 1 Construction Activities Next 90 Days – February 2015

    The Muddy River Flood Risk Management & Environmental Restoration Phase 1 Construction Project is located in the footprint generally between the Riverway downstream to Avenue Louis Pasteur.

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  • Phase 2

    Phase 2

    PHASE 2 is under way!

    We have achieved daylight! Phase 1 of the Muddy River Flood Risk Management Project culminated in the opening of the new Justine Mee Liff Park and the reconnection of the Emerald Necklace’s “missing link.” Phase 2 of the multi-faceted environmental restoration and stewardship project has begun, with construction activity expected over the next three years. While work proceeds to improve our treasured urban waterway, the parks will remain open.

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  • Franklin Law Olmsted and his firm were responsible for the parks and parkways from the Charles River to Roxbury and Dorchester, as shown on this 1894 plan. The parks include the Back Bay Fens, the Riverway, Olmsted Park, Jamaica Pond, Arnold Arboretum, and Franklin Park. (Plan of Portion of Park System from Common to Franklin Park, 1884, Collection of the National Park Service, Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, Brookline, Massachusetts)

    Muddy River Project Restoration Overview

    Since the fall of 1996, the Muddy River has flooded three times, causing damage to residents, businesses institutions and the public transit system in Boston and Brookline. The flooding has brought an urgency to the need to restore the river…

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