Author: lschneider

  • Volunteer Workdays

    Volunteer Workdays

    The High Street Hill Association inBrookline has a long history of supporting restoration efforts in Olmsted Park. A number of “workdays” were held in 2007 to clean, rake, weed, mulch, […]

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  • Accessibility at the Longwood MBTA station

    Accessibility at the Longwood MBTA station

    Lack of access for the disabled from the Longwood area of Brookline has prevented many from enjoying Riverway Park. As part of their improvements for accessibility at the station, the […]

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  • Recent Improvements and Oversight

    Recent Improvements and Oversight

    Shedding light at Landmark Center: Site Visit The parkland in front of the Landmark Center will be “daylighted” (excavated to open up the original waterway). The jughandle on the south […]

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  • Since 2002

    Since 2002

    Since 2002, certificates under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) have been issued by the Secretary of Environmental Affairs requiring Brookline to demonstrate an “enforceable commitment” to restore the Carlton […]

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