MMOC Members

The Muddy River Maintenance and Management Oversight Committee, the MMOC, is comprised of citizens, representatives of cultural and academic institutions and governmental agencies. The MMOC meets monthly.

Voting Members:

  • Frances Allou Gershwin – As Chair of MMOC, Fran guides the day-to-day activities, serves as ex officio member of all sub-committees, and represents MMOC to the public.
  • Betsy Shure Gross — Longtime advocate for the Olmsted legacy and safe, accessible, well maintained parks. Former Special Assistant for Community Preservation and Executive Director of Office of Public Private Partnerships, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs.
  • Kelly Brilliant – Executive Director  and representative of the Fenway Alliance, an association of more than twenty of Boston’s most well-known cultural and educational institutions.
  • Ed Burke – Fens Victory Gardener and board member of the Fenway Civic Association.
  • Julie Crockford – President and representative of the Emerald Necklace Conservancy.
  • Julie Dyer Wood –  Director of Projects for and representative of the Charles River Watershed Association.
  • Jan Henderson – Representative of MASCO.
  • Arleyn Levee – Landscape historian and Olmsted scholar.
  • Jack Malone – Director of Physical Plant Services for Northeastern University.
  • Kay Mathew – Community activist
  • Arlene Mattison – President and representative of the Brookline GreenSpace Alliance.
  • Frederika Veikley – Longtime Fenway activist, and prime force in creating Ramler Park.

* Served on Emerald Necklace Citizens Advisory Committee

Ex-officio Members:

  • Tom Brady – Brookline Department of Public Works
  • Erin Chute Gallentine – Director, Brookline Division of Parks and Open Space
  • Margaret Dyson – Boston Parks & Recreation Department
  • Kurt Gaertner – Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
  • Patrice Kish – Department of Conservation & Recreation
  • Andrew Pappastergion – Commissioner, Brookline Department of Public Works
  • Chris Cook – Commissioner, Boston Parks & Recreation Department
  • Brona Simon  – Massachusetts Historic Commission
  • Boston Landmarks Commission
  • Elton Elperin – Brookline Preservation Commission
  • Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency